Aria Bench


After a careful study of the forces that are experienced in suspension bridges, and a realization that wood has exceptional tensile strength, this bench utilizes calculated angles to ensure the solid wood strips are kept under pure tension, rather than bending or torsion stress, when weight is applied. The result is a bench that is strong enough to hold 2 people, yet still conform to provide comfort.

Premium hand selected walnut is used to make the entire bench. Hand cut joinery maximizes strength where needed, and the sculpted rails provide a soft touch. After assembly, the bench is hand sanded through a series of progressively finer grits, until they are remarkably smooth to the touch, after which a 2-part oil is applied which provides scuff and water resistance. The finish bonds within the wood, not merely sitting on top, resulting in a soft natural wood feel, with the durability of a high end finish.

The six solid wood strips are all sequence cut to ensure matching color and pattern.

Shown in Walnut. Available in other species by custom request.

See it in person at Arts on Granada in Ormond Beach.

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52.5” L x 15.125” W x 20” H