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Eliquo: From Latin meaning “to refine”..

This design refines the principle of the Ascensio. Elegant curves and arches grace the front and sides, while the strength lies in the solid 2” thick hardwood uprights.

The shelves are delicately arched only in the front 5”, this provides a visual lightness without sacrificing strength across the entire shelf.

All audio racks are signed and dated underneath the bottom shelf, and ship free of charge across the continental U.S.

Pictured: Custom Accented Ebonized Uprights / Oiled Maple Shelves (Special order only)

Contact me directly if you need an option not listed.

To learn more about the species and wood finishes I work with, click here

(Cherry and Black Walnut are special order only, contact me to get a quote)

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Shelving Finish:
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Additional Info

Specifications (Single Width Rack)

Shelf and Upright Thickness: 2"

Inside Width Between Uprights: 20"

Actual Shelf Dimensions: 22” x 20” (W x D)

Total Width: 24"

Total Depth: 21"

Shelf Capacity: 200+ Lbs each

This model can be completely customized to your specifications as each rack is custom made. Contact me to discuss options further.

Please note: Since these are custom made, they require a variable lead time to build, depending on the current workload at my shop. Contact me to get a time-frame for shipment.