It might not be what gives life to your speakers, but it is quite literally the foundation to your entire system.

While providing unparalleled isolation, an audio rack can also heighten the visual beauty of your system. But along with beauty should be a story, of the details, the craftsmanship, the patience and knowledge that went into it.

These audio racks are designed not only to provide ultimate isolation, increased dampening of resonances, but also provide a story of the dedication behind it.

Here are some of the details that go into each one..

- Each is built individually, one at a time. The date of completion is laser engraved underneath the bottom shelf.

- Timbers are hand-selected for depth of grain and to ensure the most pleasing visual order.

- Time-tested techniques such as mortise-and-tenon, bridle and dovetailed joints are used wherever possible.

- A rigorous twelve step sanding process, combined with a hand-rubbed oil finish ensures an unrivaled tactile feel.

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