I am an artist and artisan. And this is not a business, but rather a way for me to share my love of design, nature and the beauty found in wood, within the realm of furniture. I currently reside in Florida, but have a love for the North. The rivers, the trees, and the mountains.

What inspires me is the natural beauty found in landscapes, and in trees. My designs mix between clean lines and the fluid motion found in nature, and I prefer simple minimalism above most else. I am continually coming up with new designs, even though not all go into production. I dream of pushing the boundaries with both design aspects, as well as the structural aspects of wood.

I build each piece one at a time, with my own hands, giving it the attention as if it is going to be my own. Everything that comes out of my shop is touched only by me, and I prefer to keep it that way. I consider it the best quality control.

Woodwork is defined as an object made out of wood. But when wood is art all on it's own, then these objects I make must be art as well.

I happily take on commissions, so if you're looking for a custom piece, feel free to get in touch with me.

 - Stewart Lang